Aimee and Jon Gonzales

In 2011, I walked out of jail with nothing to my name. I had lost everything due to my addiction, my kids, my house, my car, and my job.  I had nowhere to go and the only people I knew were people who still used drugs. The only thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to use anymore. If I did not have the option to go to sober living, I do not know where I would be today. During my 18 month stay at the house, I gained a new healthy support system, and enough stability that I could go out and live on my own again.

From then I knew that I had found my passion, so I stayed involved as the Resident Manager until November 2019 when my husband and I bought the homes. I have so much love for the homes and have seen them change so many women’s lives. My goal is to see these homes continue to change lives for as long as I shall live. The Unity House is the missing link from treatment to long term recovery. If you want a different way to live and don’t know how, come stay with us. We have some amazing women in each of our homes just waiting to be your new family!

Aimee and Jonathan Gonzales