Well ladies and gentlemen it was 2 yrs ago today I walked out of pcf after doing 13 months in prison. I am honestly thankful for my time spent in draper in purgatory. if Shumate hadn’t sentenced me that day who knows where I’d be. I am where I’m at in my life because I did go to prison. I got out of a dead-end relationship to marry an amazing man who loves me very much. I am closer with my family. I met some amazing woman along the way. ladies I still talk to when I need support or to just b.s. I found the rooms of n.a. and a.a. I will never be able to put into words how important those friends are. I also had the opportunity to live at the Unity house. those girls are my family. because I went to prison I have found a new extended family. I’m happily married. I’m off parole. I’m making better and wiser choices. life is good.¬†