When I moved into the Unity House at 23 years old I had already been thru multiple jails and institutions. I was convinced that was the way life would always be for me. I had no respect for myself or others. I definitely had no idea how to have relationships with family friends and most of all women. The Unity House showed me I can have women in my life, I can love myself and I am capable of being honest, trustworthy women. Because of the Unity House I have not only my blood family back in my life but I have many women in my life that I consider my sisters. I have been here almost 1 year and my sisters have been by my side through all of my ups and downs. I have even been blessed to start my own family ant they all can’t wait to be aunts to my little one. I love this house so much and love what it does for women in recovery. With out the Unity House there is know telling where I would be today?¬†