My name is Carol Ann Parkin I am proud and honored to be a member of the Unity House Dixie. I am 55 Years old and I took my first drink at the age of 12. I drank Alcoholically that day and every day since for the past 43 years. Alcohol and the disease of Alcoholism has cost me everything that was ever beautiful in my life including; my 26 years of marriage, the love and respect of my family, friends, and my horse ranch. Alcoholism is a disease that runs in my family and my decision to drink & use has negatively affected them. Since coming to the Unity House 5 years ago I am proud to tell you that with the strong relationships, love and support of the house I breathe recovery here. I am proud to tell my family and friends I just celebrated 1 year clean and sober. I have left the house 3 times and have only been successful once, that was when I was living with my daughter and her family. I need to be here in this beautiful home that we have been giving. I live and breathe because of this house, the structure it provides, I know I cannot do this alone. I will be a life- long member of the Unity House Dixie. I have a rich and beautiful life today. I thank God every day that the owners Julie & Ivan Tippetts found it there mission/ calling to open their hearts, their home and their wallets to help women just like me. It is my honor and privilege to live here.