Unity House Utah has provided a safe environment for my continued recovery .


 This house is a great house for remaining in recovery. Going to meetings and interacting with others in recovery is important for success.  Unity House Utah has all of this. 


I have lived at the Dixie Unity House since October 6th 2017 I came  to the house after prison I had nothing after loosing it all to addiction. Within 6 months I had achieved more goals than I thought would be possible. Living with other like minded  women in a safe, beautiful and loving environment being held accountable and having healthy structure is how I have gotten my life back. I’ve been clean and sober for over 28 months  I am now off parole, have a very good career a decent car and have a great relationship with all my family Julie and Ivan Tippets are two of the most loving, generous and genuine people who do so much for so many in the recovery community they truly want success and sobriety for us all. We are blessed to have them as our house owners.

Sherry Booth

I have lived at the Unity House for 10 months. Since moving in, I have been able to accomplish so much. This house has been such a blessing to me. I finally have somewhere safe i can call home. Julie and Ivan have the best hearts and they want nothing but the best for all of us living here. They are so sincere and they truly care. I cam so grateful to live here.

Alana Larsen

Unity house St. George is a great opportunity for someone needing to get on their feet in recovery. I had the opportunity to stay there early in my recovery. Unity house helped built the foundation of my recovery by teaching me accountability, trust, and integrity. Julie and Ivan Tippets care about all their residents. Providing them with the basics of a safe and reliable place to call home. I would recommend Unity House St. George to anyone who wants to change their lives and are willing to walk the road to recovery. I have 3 years clean. I graduated Drug court. I owe a part of that to Unity House because they showed me how to live and participate in life again.

James Aaron Navarro

Well ladies and gentlemen it was 2 yrs ago today I walked out of pcf after doing 13 months in prison. I am honestly thankful for my time spent in draper in purgatory. if Shumate hadn’t sentenced me that day who knows where I’d be. I am where I’m at in my life because I did go to prison. I got out of a dead-end relationship to marry an amazing man who loves me very much. I am closer with my family. I met some amazing woman along the way. ladies I still talk to when I need support or to just b.s. I found the rooms of n.a. and a.a. I will never be able to put into words how important those friends are. I also had the opportunity to live at the Unity house. those girls are my family. because I went to prison I have found a new extended family. I’m happily married. I’m off parole. I’m making better and wiser choices. life is good. 


When I moved into the Unity House at 23 years old I had already been thru multiple jails and institutions. I was convinced that was the way life would always be for me. I had no respect for myself or others. I definitely had no idea how to have relationships with family friends and most of all women. The Unity House showed me I can have women in my life, I can love myself and I am capable of being honest, trustworthy women. Because of the Unity House I have not only my blood family back in my life but I have many women in my life that I consider my sisters. I have been here almost 1 year and my sisters have been by my side through all of my ups and downs. I have even been blessed to start my own family ant they all can’t wait to be aunts to my little one. I love this house so much and love what it does for women in recovery. With out the Unity House there is know telling where I would be today? 


My name is Carol Ann Parkin I am proud and honored to be a member of the Unity House Dixie. I am 55 Years old and I took my first drink at the age of 12. I drank Alcoholically that day and every day since for the past 43 years. Alcohol and the disease of Alcoholism has cost me everything that was ever beautiful in my life including; my 26 years of marriage, the love and respect of my family, friends, and my horse ranch. Alcoholism is a disease that runs in my family and my decision to drink & use has negatively affected them. Since coming to the Unity House 5 years ago I am proud to tell you that with the strong relationships, love and support of the house I breathe recovery here. I am proud to tell my family and friends I just celebrated 1 year clean and sober. I have left the house 3 times and have only been successful once, that was when I was living with my daughter and her family. I need to be here in this beautiful home that we have been giving. I live and breathe because of this house, the structure it provides, I know I cannot do this alone. I will be a life- long member of the Unity House Dixie. I have a rich and beautiful life today. I thank God every day that the owners Julie & Ivan Tippetts found it there mission/ calling to open their hearts, their home and their wallets to help women just like me. It is my honor and privilege to live here.


In 2010, I had lost everything and everyone I loved due to my drug addiction. I finally ended up in jail in 2011 and served 5 months. When I was released from jail I had no where to go and nobody to turn to for help. I wanted to stay sober but didn’t know how. I moved into the Unity House and was accepted with open arms. Thanks to the Unity House I have a new family and a new understanding of how to live a clean and sober life. I now have 16 months clean and a life that I never could have imagined possible. Living with other women who have gone through what I have gone through has helped so much. It is so important to know that I don’t have to be alone. Thank you so much Unity House.